Who are we ?

Our consulting firm in Brussels has 20 years of experience in assisting mid-sized companies in their strategic developments.

Our network in Africa consists of experts and service providers – freelancers and businesses – covering the majority of African countries. They operate in French and English speaking countries.

Gateway to African Business will select specific providers for a particular mission based on problems the client may be facing, the country, as well as the industry sector of the company.

The biculturality of providers is fundamental. They are selected based on their ability to understand and interpret briefings, and their knowledge of how European companies work. They must also come from target regions in order to have a perfect knowledge of local markets, their specificities, their administrations and local authorities.

Gateway to African Business in Brussels acts as an intermediary ensuring the quality of delivery and controlling the work of its service providers in the field. It acts as an interface with the client to ensure that the report, study or service carried out by the expert on site is in perfect harmony with the customer’s request.

We always work with precise briefings and on the basis of detailed quotes.