Our areas of expertise


Systematic monitoring by industry sector, by country and for specific needs.

Areas covered: all types of monitoring: environment, business, competition, technology, regulation, social, politics, prices, etc.

Market studies

In the absence of reliable statistics, research and information structuring :

  • BtoB and BtoC market studies and surveys
  • Competition analysis
  • Market sizing
  • Due diligence and risk management.

Economic mapping

Identification and visual representation of potential customers, competitors and relevant institutions in a given geographical area.

Research and networking with reliable partners

Profiling of economic actors and company analysis,
Search for distributors and reliable business partners, search for investors

Legal investigation & crisis intelligence

Investigation, identification of past distrusted business partners,
Discreet and legal collection of information and evidence,
Assistance in the design and implementation of advocacy strategies, protection against counterfeiting, misappropriation of trademarks, damage to image and reputation, industrial and intellectual property
Management of commercial and private litigation, liquidations, international arbitration;
Recovery of assets and commercial debts;

Structuring of strategies and validation of business models

Creation and validation of business plans
Introduction to authorities and administrations
Support for permit applications and authorizations
Advice and search for financing and subsidies

Search for African and European executives

Recruitment of local and/or international managers to launch your operations in Africa.