Our methodology

The approach of Gateway to African Business is based on Competitive Intelligence. Competitive Intelligence (IE) is a set of processes designed to help businesses acquire and retain value.

One of the missions of Competitive Intelligence is to collect information in an organized way in order to analyze it, to process it and to draw useful recommendations on markets, customers, prospects, the competitive and legal environment, risk factors, etc. Competitive Intelligence is only carried out in compliance with both local and international laws and with very strict ethical rules.

Gateway to African Business and its partners will always fulfill their mission in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In particular, we undertake not to make any payment to any government employee, elected official, political party or representative of the latter, with the aim of influencing any action or decision relating to missions for which our clients have mandated us.

Methods used by our teams will always be discreet, legal and ethical. By « discreet », we mean that our employees on site will not disclose the identity of the client or the purpose of our research during their efforts to collect information for projects we are working on.

It is important to take into account the lack of structured information in most African countries. For reasons related to local cultures, lack of infrastructure and skills, poor governance and business practices that do not meet international standards, all sources of information should be considered and cross-referenced: public and official information, as well information based on a declarative basis (states, companies, individuals). Taking into account a single source of information may not reflect the specific local reality, as such information may be incomplete, unreliable, or even deliberately biased or out of date.